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Bienvenidxs a Huellas. Este es un espacio colaborativo en donde compartiremos fotografías y textos sobre la situación migratoria desde Mesoamérica.

Welcome to Footprints. This is a collaborative space where we'll share photographs and texts about migration from Mesoamerica.

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ConDev Report

The Student Media Grant from the Center for Conflict and Development at Texas A&M University funded this photo essay. This funding...

Machuca - Hudutu

Parece que el apetito por las imágenes que muestran cuerpos en dolor es casi tan intenso como el deseo de tener cuerpos desnudos.

Machuca - Hudutu

It seems that the appetite for pictures showing bodies in pain is as keen, almost, as the desire for ones that show bodies naked.

The everyday aesthetics

For photographs to accuse, and possibly to alter conduct, they must shock.

La estética cotidiana

Para que las fotografías acusen, y posiblemente alteren la conducta, deben impactar.

Homies Unidxs

A blue background with silhouettes of buildings that simulate the financial district of Los Angeles and the classic palm trees. In the...

Homies Unidxs

Un fondo azul con siluetas de edificios que simulan el distrito financiero de Los Angeles y las clásicas palmeras. En el centro una...

Reflections from Tía Jolita

Hi y'all! My name is Holly Buttrey, and I have a masters in Global Policy Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. This summer I...

Some FAQs from the street

For 3 weeks, I have traveled the Ciudad Hidalgo-Mapstepec route several times and have counted up to 10 inspection points in 150...

A day on the US/Mexico border

Hello all! My name is Marianne Richardson, and I am a first-year Masters student at the University of Texas at Austin. I study migration...

Un día normal

6 de la mañana y soy el primer mexicano que se acerca a uno de los tres grupos de balseros. Barren y limpian, acomodan sillas, fuman y...

A normal day

6 0'clock in the morning and I am the first Mexican to approach one of three groups of rafters. They sweep and clean, accommodate chairs,...

No nos han dicho

Cuando me acerqué a la estación migratoria "Siglo XXI" en Tapachula observé varios autobuses estacionados. Para deportaciones, pensé....

They haven't told us

When I approached the immigration station (detention center) "Siglo XXI" in Tapachula I observed several parked buses. For deportations,...

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